Azulejos Tiles Carreaux !

Azulejos fabricados desde el siglo XV al XX
543 Pins
20 azulejos 7,5x7,5 cm


68 Pins

Delft, Portugal, French

63 Pins
an ornate blue and yellow building with wooden balconies
the blue and gold tiles are arranged in an intricate pattern, with circles on them
an intricate blue and gold tile pattern with crescents
a blue and white tile wall with a wooden bench
an intricately painted cabinet next to a wall
a blue and white tile panel with an image of people on horseback in the woods
an artisticly designed wall with blue and white swirls on it's walls
Adriana Varejão
blue and white tiles with the words polacar plus 2 colliz jecii
Património - Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Viana do Castelo
a large blue and white tile mural on the side of a wall in a room
a blue and white wall with a window in it
an ornate blue and gold wall with a window
a blue and white painting on the side of a wall
Blue & white portuguese tiles
Wedding Planning, Production & Decor by The Wedding Co. | Photo by Greg Finck | Our lady antique blue & white tiles from a private residence in Lisbon Portugal