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Si toda la población del mundo viviera como... Comparar la huella ecológica de diferentes países no es nada fácil, al depender de muchos parámetros.  Tim De Chant ha utilizado datos de Global Footprint Network y una metodología basada en las investigaciones de Mathias Wackernagel, fundador de la organización, para su obtener sus conclusiones.

If 7 Billion People Lived Like… Tim de Chant has created a great infographic that shows the ecological footprint that would be used if the whole world’s population (estimated at 7 billion) lived like the inhabitants of various countries.

An essential Info-graphic about Human Trafficking worldwide. Learn about causes of human trafficking, worst affected countries, UN and ILO trafficking reports, cost of human trafficking, initiatives against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Infographic - Is Human Trafficking a Global Challenge? // Consider the majority are the vulnerable - women and children

Worldwide, 1 out of every 337 people are modern-day slaves. On average, that 1 slave cost somebody $90 but generates over $7,000 in profits every year.

really just a brief exploration of modern slavery worldwide, before finding more research to narrow down to UAE (ie World Cup Stadium was build with modern slaves)

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