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Cadalso de los vidrios, Madrid ,España  ·  Perseguir siempre los sueños y transformarlos en realidad
Georgetta Muresan Persa
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Here's a picture of a pile of towels being used as a pillow by another pile of towels. or is it a dog ? This cute little bundle of folds is actually a shar-pei puppy, he looks so much like the towel

Pit bull

The adorable, sweet and loyal American Pit Bull Terrier. It's a shame these wonderful dogs have garnered such a terrible reputation because of the handful of ignorant people who own them. Pits are ADORABLE screw anyone who doesnt like them

dejate de gracias te doy besosssssssss ok mi amiga natived

Here we have another one of those vicious pit bulls ready to attack this poor child. I'm sorry but I hate pit bull haters! Not bad dogs. Pit bulls are like guns perfectly safe unless in the hand of an person who uses it to do wrong!