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Gemma Almiñana Farran

Gemma Almiñana Farran
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Jared when he played Dean on Gilmore Girls... It so weird to me that I love his as both character and it took forever to get use to thinking of him as Sam and I laughed so hard during that one episode where they were tour the studio and they were on the set of Gilmore girls

Love the moose :). Jared who plays Sam played Dean on Gilmore Girls . Quite amusing >>>> How did I never notice the "Moose's Market" thing?


"My entire life in a nutshell" Today after school while doing my homework I watched Supernatural.

I have pinned this before, but now every time I see this picture I can somewhat move past "OHMYJAREDJENSENDUCKSYAYAYAYA" and wonder, "What could have led someone to put a bouquet of flowers in a kiddie pool?"

Did you just call Lost a normal tv show? Plus this behind the scenes of Lost is from the pilot episode, so of course they are all business.

This is probably the most accurate thing I have ever seen on Pinterest ever. EVER.

One year I got a Lord of the Rings daily calendar and my birthday was a shot of Bilbo with his birthday cake.


Story of my life while driving my truck. Plus, I know where that top picture was taken. I drive past it all the time.