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Demon-girl by me

Demon-girl by me

Victor and Yuuri - Yuri!!! on Ice by 越野 on pixiv (id: 913521)

on ice hanagosui black hair blue eyes gloves katsuki yuuri looking at another lying male focus megane multiple boys short hair silver hair skates viktor nikiforov

yuri!!! on ice | yoi | viktor nikiforov | katsuki yuuri | victuuri

This is my favorite sports anime because the writers eccept the gayness. This seriously happened though. Yuri's dad's all like son, your gay idol is in your house.

Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna Kiss Art Print by AmourPrints

Here is an art print of Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online. This is perfect for any Sword Art Online fanatic! Be sure to let us know which print you prefer: Sheet Music Background or Dictionary Background. We print this on quality ivory card s

aliasanonyme: “Victor by Haruta. • Source ”

aliasanonyme: “Victor by Haruta.