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two mannequins dressed in black and white standing next to each other
Dondoro Theatre Más
people are walking down the street in front of a giant puppet
Land of the giants: Huge puppets stalk streets of Liverpool as three-day spectacular marks 100 years since the Titanic sank
Titanic disaster tribute, Liverpool 2012
a man standing in front of a crowd next to a giant dinosaur skeleton at night
FOTOS e imagenes de Títeres
Títeres Garabatosos en el Desfile Bicentenario 2010 22
a horse drawn carriage in the street with people standing on it's sides and other vehicles behind it
Giant puppet dog named Xolo, Sea Odyssey, Liverpool, England, UK
an elephant statue is being displayed in front of some children and adults at a festival
some people are walking down the street with statues
Theatre & Carnival - Puppets and Props
Theatre & Carnival - Puppets and Props by deborah mingham at Coroflot.com
people standing on stage with an animal sculpture
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Aslan puppet - The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for the Birmingham REP Theatre. Puppets designed by Jo Lakin and Mervyn Milllar for Significant Object. photo by Graeme Braidman
a woman is standing in front of a black background holding an animal made out of newspaper
large scale puppetry
large scale puppetry - Google Search
a giraffe head made out of burlap and orange dots on it's face
Theatre & Carnival - Puppets and Props
Theatre & Carnival - Puppets and Props by deborah mingham at Coroflot.com
a man standing in front of a large white horse statue with wings and legs spread
Flight Museum Pegasus - michaelcurrydesign
Flight Museum Pegasus - michaelcurrydesign
a man riding on the back of a black horse in front of a large crowd
A giant dog puppet called Xolo, Sea Odyssey street theatre event, Liverpool, England, UK
two pictures of the same bus, one with an animal on it's back
Juxtapoz Magazine - 'Aurora,' Christopher Kelly's Massive Polar Bear Puppet
there are two pictures of an alligator and the same one has people standing around it
The crocodile (I named him Ruffles) for "Peter Pan," for which I used mostly old mattress foam and hot glue. He only needed half a body in his midsection, because he traveled in only one direction onstage. The key to making this giant puppet's human legs look reptilian was to have the actors hunch down and walk backwards instead of knees-forward. (Produced in 2008 by Theater Works, Peoria AZ. Directed by Jim Gradillas.)
two people standing next to a horse made out of sticks and wires on a stage
Life size puppets of horses for the stage production of War Horse from the National Theatre...