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Part of music listening activity teaching English slang. Students are given song lyrics in small groups and must identify the abbreviations used and understand their context.

Yo tengo mi clase de ingles en la tarde a la 1:35. Estoy trabajando en mis proyectos en clase.

Is gray your neighbor’s favorite color, or is grey your neighbour’s favourite colour?

For ELL students adults and kids English tenses illustration: past, present, future (simple, progressive, perfect)


Learning about English verb tenses using a chart. 12 verb tenses in a chart with usages, signal words and examples

Aprende todo acerca del inglés sin salir de este post

Aprende todo acerca del inglés sin salir de este post

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We never tire of exploring the differences between American English and British English. This fun infographic from Kaplan University is a great primer on some of the key differences.

English Language: Short Guide to Key Difference Between American English and British English