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a person is walking down an alley way in the city at night with lights on
A ti no, bonita
A ti no, bonita
an intricately carved doorway in the middle of a building
Arte Plateresco
Convento de San Esteban, una magnífica obra del Plateresco en Salamanca España
an ornate church with paintings on the walls
Qué ver en Salamanca. Visitas imprescindibles en Salamanca
an artistic drawing of a building with a tower
La Catedral Vieja de Salamanca(I)
an arched window with a view of a building and trees in the foreground on a sunny day
From the window by Emilio Cabida / 500px
Catedral from the window, Salamanca, Castille and Leon, Spain - photo: Emilio Cabilda on 500px
a map of portugal with all the major cities and their departmentss in different colors
Nuevo mapa del vino en Portugal -
Nuevo mapa del vino en Portugal - RECETUM Noticias de vinos y gastronomía
two people are standing in front of an ornate building with red doors and intricate carvings
an alley way with stone buildings and cobblestone pavement in the foreground on a sunny day
an ornate doorway with two large wooden doors
an archway in the middle of a stone building
an arched doorway leading into a courtyard with stone steps
an outdoor courtyard with steps leading up to the building
an old building with stone and wood trim on the outside, under a cloudy blue sky