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I fell in love with him in Three meters above the sky. The whole movie was in Spanish and I melted!

Mario Casas

Mario Casas, exactly my type… if we’re simply talking about looks. My ideal man would have the looks of Mario Casas, the manners of a gentleman, the loyalty.

Mario Casas. Idk you, but yum.... :)

without a doubt the hottest spanish actor in the WORLD. Tengo ganas de ti and 3 metros sobre el cielo were amazing movies check it out if you have the chance guys!

Mario Casas

Miregalo d cumpleaños! solo la chonga le falta y ya esta!

Mario Casas

That is why we want to know a little better Mario Casas and so you talk a little about his career to become the idol of many girls today.

Mario Casas

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#HunkDay If this face doesn't make you smile.... :-)

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