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a blue bird flying through the air
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Bella obra de Perdana Yoga | Abduzeedo inspiración del diseño
an image of a fire with circles around it and the words water x fire written in red
Logo Inspiration | #964
Love the elements. And the colors. And the simplicity. Water X Fire Final Logo by Yoga Perdana
the blue sky logo is shown in three different colors and sizes, including one for each color
30 Brilliant Branding Identity Design examples for your inspiration
30 Brilliant Branding Identity Design examples for your inspiration | Read full article: http://webneel.com/branding-identity-design-inspiration | more http://webneel.com/branding | Follow us www.pinterest.com/webneel
the letter b is written with a pen and ink on it, as well as an arrow
95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs – Bashooka
Monogram Logo
the logo for movers is shown in black and white, with an image of a hand holding a house
Movers Logo Design - Branding
Movers Logo Design by Ramotion.com #logo #identity #branding #logodesign #realestate #photoshop #art #designer #dribbble #behance #ramotion #inspiration
a black and white image of a man's head with a beard, mustache and stars on it
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Brutal Brands
an orange apple logo is on a black paper with the word'o'in it
a selection of graphic projects
Orange Investments Identity | Pocket Folder Cover | Image 6 of 8
the letter g is inscribed in a circle with an e on it's side
Marks & Symbols.
Marks & Symbols by Face. , via Behance
the letter s is made up of two letters in black and white, with one smaller letter
Monogram Logos, Logo Ideas, and Logos image inspiration on Designspiration
The intertwining of the two letters B and S joins together to form a sleek , simple and identifiable logo. I like how the designer has thought about the asletics of the letters and cleverly stretched the 'b' so the 's' fits in.
the logo for tiny brand studio, which is designed to look like an antelope's head
Logo, Brand & Identity Inspiration
"This is a logo design for my own design studio called tiny. For two years I became interested in branding and logo design. My adventure began precisely at logopond. :) The letter V comes from my nickname VRIEL [Uriel]. However, V, I associate with many signs and symbols. Deer in the design theme is quite popular as I thought at face value, the next thing my name is Daniel ... Daniel in Poland is the name of a tradition of a family of deer "Dama dama dama") Deer antlers on the wall i...
a black and white photo with the word mirra on it's front side
What would look like a human face has more to this hidden logo. The black negative spaces on the left and right side create two dog faces.
the word love is written in black and white
History: Branded
two different logos that are designed to look like birds
Animal Logos vol. 1 by Tom Anders Watkins
Animal Logos vol. 1 by Tom Anders Watkins #logo #logodesign
an abstract black and white poster with the word exo in it's center
Mexico 1968 Olympics