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Xerox Alto (The First Computers Designed For Individual Use), 1973

In this series, we feature the Xerox Alto, - the first graphical user interface based computer developed during the A ground breaking product developed by Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center that would eventually influence all modern computers.

Timanfaya, Lanzarote (España - Spain).

Montañas del Fuego, the Fiery Mtns. In on Lazarote, one of the 7 larger islands of the Canary Islands, rising magma poured out of the subterranean cleft, breaking the Earth's crust in many places and in this way forming a range of craters existing today

Xerox 914 Copier, 1959

XEROX'S "Model A" copier from 1949 - I know it's not a cool office BUT check out how awesome this old Xerox is! You can find an upgraded version @ Copiers CT