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The original Star Wars trilogy as playful pulp novel covers

Illustrator Timothy Anderson, whose Star Wars Spaghetti Western posters were featured on Neatorama a while back, is back: this time, he has reimagined Star Wars as pulp fiction. Behold, the Star Wars Pulp Covers! Link - via Geek Tyrant.

properlydegradinginc: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve ever been curious how to fill out a request form for a PDI associate, below is one from our customer High-rez-hotties. Here is his request: Probably one of my all time favorite models ever - Bianca Beauchamp… Right now this month, I’m under going a challenge to not cum for the whole month, which, is proving to be somewhat difficult… An associate who is very seductive would be considered a plus! See how easy that was? Our customer asked…

wondersofhmanity: Well bikini season is here and what a better way to start it off than with Bianca and a monokini. (yes I know it’s technically not a bikini but who cares)


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There’s actually quite a few sites I wanna see which I’ll be adding to my bucket list but for now, I could die happy if I get to see Bianca Beauchamp in person at one of her pictorials.