Great for a baby shower

Baby Fruit Salad - My sister did this for my shower last year and it was SO cute and perfect! (my 3 yr old niece was excited to tell grandpa she "ate a baby.

great idea!!

15 Tips to Help You Host Great Parties

Have you ever added vodka to a watermelon? This recipe takes it one step further. Hollow out a watermelon, then add a spigot. Fill the melon husk with punch and serve. I love this idea for a of July party. Minus the vodka so the kids can enjoy.

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Funny pictures about Vegetable Poodle . Oh, and cool pics about Vegetable Poodle . Also, Vegetable Poodle photos.

Hot Air Banana

"Food Landscapes 2014 Wall Calendar: A Year of Scrumptious Scenes" By: Carl Warner


oh god, the whole set of these food animals are so cute. i’m turning into my grandma. buy the orange tabby cat here.

Comida divertida

Get your kids to eat healthier with these creative breakfast ideas. A huge gallery of funny breakfast ideas; everything from fried eggs to silly pancakes that will make you giggle.

Panda Sushi! Jo... que carita :)  #arte #comida #gastro #gastronomia #sushi #paratorpes #cocina

panda sushi roll - there is one way to get kids to eat foods they think they dont like ;

Funny food apple

Funny pictures about Creative apple carving. Oh, and cool pics about Creative apple carving. Also, Creative apple carving photos.

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Foodscape photographer Carl Warner uses fresh fruit, vegetables and meat to bring his imagination to life. His latest book, A World of Food, includes this picture, entitled ‘Candy Cottage’. Mr Warner said his new pieces […]

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Terry Border does some awesome stuff with food and regular everyday objects. Things may not always look like what they appear. more can be found at bent objects