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a lit christmas tree in the middle of a cave
The Christmas Fairytale
Experience the magic of Christmas holidays in Postojna Cave with live nativity.
Predjama castle
The Top 7 Most Alluring Reasons to Visit Slovenia - Daytrip
Predjama castle
a woman holding a child in front of a castle with the words, a diary of svvenia day 3
A Diary of Slovenia Day 3: Touristica Kmetija Kosir, the Postojna Caves, and the Predjama Castle on www.MilliGFunk.com
the inside of an underground cave with blue and white formations on it's walls
Postojna Cave: The Gem of Slovenian Nature
Postojna Cave was discovered in 17th century, yet it took a while before it became a widely known destination. In 18th century Archduke Ferdinand went to
the inside of a cave with many different types of rocks and water in it's walls
Human Fish Pool in the Postojna Cave / Studio Stratum
Human Fish Pool in the Postojna Cave / Studio Stratum.
the inside of a cave filled with lots of formations and people standing in it's doorways
Postoina cave, Slovenia Postojna Cave (Slovene: Postojnska jama; German: Adelsberger Grotte; Italian: Grotte di Postumia) is a 20,570 m long Karst cave system near Postojna, Slovenia. It is the second longest cave system in the country (following the Migovec Cave System) as well as one of its top tourism sites. The caves were created by the Pivka River.
the inside of a cave with stairs leading up to it
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Predjama Castle
an old castle lit up at night on the side of a cliff with mountains in the background
Cave Castle, Predjama, Slovenia photo via allison
a red and yellow train traveling through a cave
Train with visitors in Postojna cave, by Postojnska jama
an entrance to a cave in the side of a mountain
Predjama Grad: Slovenia’s castle in a cave
Inside Predjama Grad (Predjama Castle) - Slovenia's cave castle.
the night sky is lit up with stars above a castle on top of a mountain
Majestic by Raúl M Macías on 500px
a castle built into the side of a mountain at night
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Predjama Castle, part of which is built into the middle of a 123 metre high vertical cliff face, was originally home of the legendary outcast knight Erasmus. The present castle, which was given its Renaissance appearance in the 16th century, houses a museum.
a long train traveling through a cave filled with water
Unikátní jeskynní systém Postojnska Jama
Postojnska Jama (Cave), Postojna, Slovenia. One of the coolest caves I've ever seen.
the ultimate guide to the postganna caves
The ultimate guide to exploring Slovenia’s Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle
The incredible Postjana Caves are the top tourist attraction in #Slovenia for good reason! #travel #Europe
stairs leading up to the top of a rock formation with a lantern hanging from it's side
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Predjama castle (Slovenia)