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Mathematicians look for patterns in numbers and develop shortcuts in calculations. This process is good for humanity but probably quite bad for sleep.

Prepositions of time

Having the prepositions of time listed and in sections is nice. But I would also have more graphic examples. I would make a worksheet where the students matched examples to the appropriate preposition of time.


Now every Curly candidate can be tall, dark, and very muscled. Those programs have made some impressive improvements.

Ohhhh how I abhor math!

This is so accurate I usually just go with the person nexts to me answer tho because they are much smarter than me. Haha I just realized this is how I am in an advanced math class

I'm higher than you...  | matematicascercanas                              …

This pin is a math joke. The reason i pinned this is because I love math, it's my favorite subject and one that comes easy to me. I never did have a problem with math.

This just might help kids understand why math IS important...ha ha

Area of a sector problem with a real-life spin.Hmmm, now I just feel disabled by my crap maths skills.