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a book cover with the words, que es un libro de artista?
Que es un libro de artista
a book cover with an image of a woman standing in front of a red heart
Eiko Ojala. Diseños
Eiko Ojala. Diseños
many different types of papers hanging from the ceiling
N°1 — Josefin Holgersson
I love the flip book idea with the pink page border. The lightly saturated images within were very pleasant to the eye.
four different photographs are shown in three separate sections, one is empty and the other has no image on it
Ideas inspiradoras para bodas bonitas
We used to make books in my Fundamentals of Graphic Design class. One of my favorite assignments.
three books are stacked on top of each other in front of a brick wall and floor
Design - Print, web and mobile design inspiration from the Print Express team.
Que haces, pues aca nada mas suajando, y tu?
an image of some paper and glues on the table
Tutorial Encuadernación (Tipos de Espina)
Tutorial Encuadernación (Tipos de Espina)
someone is sewing on some white paper with scissors and thread in front of the book
Elaboración costura de libro
Dani Alonso - Tutorial Encuadernación manual Cartoné/Tapa Dura (Hardcover, manual Book Binding) - YouTube