Wrap a gift in brown paper and decorate with post its!

cute gift wrap idea for when you don't have wrapping paper using a brown paper bag, a sharpie and post it notes - gotta remember to do creative stuff like this!

60 Ideas to recycle your old sewing machines in furniture diy with Vintage Upcycled sewing machine Recycled Interior Furniture DIY


rustic wood shelf slab (Interior design, home decor, fun, creative, ideas…


Bursting Spokes of Time clock has a silvery metal center that conceals a high-quality quartz movement. Its bursting “rays” are made from gorgeous dark wood, framing its metal face with beautiful symmetry.

Doorway at Teen Diwarja.

Doorway at Teen Diwarja. Whenever I pass by this doorway early in the morning (otherwise the shop is open and one can't see the graphics) I'm awestruck - time & time again!

Rustic Wall Mirror

Display this rustic mirror in the room to watch the décor light up. Fine craftsmanship and a western-inspired design give it a vintage W x H x DWood / metalReady to hangImported