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the gameboy is in its plastic case
the sony color collection disc is shown in red
Ideas, Knowledge, Edition, Visual, Jpg, Tech Design, Arena, Seiko
an electronic toy with buttons on the front and side of it's face in blue plastic
an advertisement with different types of logos on it
an image of a bowl of ramen with chopsticks in it and a box of ramen on the side
ToyoyaLi en Instagram: “// e RR.麺食{%3} ​​​”
two different views of the same type of robot that appears to be made out of paper
BEBOP en Instagram: “1 or 2 #BEBOPselects @mmjnl / #Macross From @mtsneakerdept / . #Decka #Socks #MadeinJapan From @moderntimeshk / #Vintage #Denim From…”
an advertisement for the sony cd player and boombox with its sound system in it
別館「昭和おやぢのアナログらいふ」  -  三丁目のラジカセ「参戦」