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there is a sign that says where to sleep in venice on the tag with stars above it
Milan - Capital of Fashion
At one point you will need to sleep...even in Milan!
an ornate building with many windows and arches
Duomo, Milan Cathedral Italy
Duomo, Milan Cathedral Italy
this is an old photo of the cathedrals in barcelona, spain taken from above
Duomo di Milano
Duomo in Milan, Italy >> Wish I had left the train station now!
the inside of a building with many people walking around
✯ Galleria Viittorio Emanuele... piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy
the interior of a modern building with white walls and circular lights on it's ceiling
Museo del 900 - Milano
an open window with blue shutters surrounded by flowers
Blue Doors, Milan, Italy photo via paloma
the ceiling is decorated with blue lights and decorations
Christmas in Milan is magical! Let us help you get there:
an advertisement with pink hands and the words,'free medical assistance for $ 13 per person
Milan - Capital of Fashion
Milano Card
people are walking in front of the versa store
Milan - Capital of Fashion
Milan | Capital of Fashion
three different pictures of the same room in a house with furniture and lighting on each side
Milan - Capital of Fashion
Milan Rental - Armani Style