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Cassandra Jean Cassandra Clare Isabelle Lightwood (TMI by Edwards ) I was struggling and struggling and STRUGGLING all morning to draw this dang picture full of guys. And eventually rage quit and decided & want to draw a badass chick& And so, Izzy.

After City of Heavenly Fire, I hope Simon and Clary become parabatai

AU Simon Clary being parabatai after City of Heavenly Fire (Simon Lewis and Clary Fray)>>>>Not AU Cassandra Clare confirmed it

This is exactly how Isabelle lightwood’s wedding is going to go.

This is exactly how Isabelle lightwood’s wedding is going to go. Don't know who made this but he/she doesn't know the meaning of shadowhunter colours

Emma and Julian during the Cottage Scene in Lord of Shadows, work by Cassandra Jean on tumblr❤️

Extended and NSFW version of the cottage scene in ‘Lord of Shadows’

cassandra jean mortal instruments clary and jace - Google Search

Dirty Sexy Alley Scene from City of Fallen Angels featuring Clary and Jace Cassandra Clare and Cassandra Jean

Clace - Bedtime (Cassandra Jean) - C. Jean: Clary e Jace che si preparano per andare a letto. Ovvero, Jace becca Clare mentre lei lo disegna di nuovo e si sveste in modo molto attraente. - C. Clare: adoro questa serie Bedtime, molto carina

Getting ready for bedtime, aka. Jace catches Clary drawing him again and undresses extra attractively by Cassandra Jean