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an aerial view of a skateboard park with ramps
Arquitectura Paisajista: Espacio Público para el Forum de Negocios - Francisco J. del Corral & Federico Wulff
Arquitectura Paisajista: Espacio Público para el Forum de Negocios, Francisco-J-del-Corral, Federico-Wulff, diseño, paisajismo, arquitectura
an illustration of a man in costume with flowers and birds on his head, holding a trumpet
two people are swimming in a narrow river
Explore underground rivers and ancient ruins at Xcaret archaeological park.
an abstract collage of trees and grass
Beniamino Servino. Green Squat Tower.
an aerial view of the beach and ocean with green water, sand and buildings in the foreground
the beautiful beaches of San Sebastián in northern Spain, also called Donostía…
a large body of water next to a city with lots of buildings and mountains in the background
a black and white photo of a bench with the words true love written on it
L'Architecture n'existe pas. Dieter Kienast.
two mermaid statues sitting in the middle of a garden next to trees and bushes with water in the background
Rubió y Tudurí, jardinero
Jardines de Santa Clotilde. Lloret de Mar, Barcelona. Nicolau Rubió i Tudurí…
an island that is floating in the water with trees on it and yellow tape around it
Christo's golden Floating Piers stretch across an Italian lake
Christo's Floating Piers Will Let You Walk on Water in Italy
a lake surrounded by trees with rocks in the water
El jardín de la tierra pura
Jardín del templo de Motsu-ji.
a lake surrounded by lush green grass and trees
Abstracción naturalizada, naturaleza abstraída
Parque del Este. Roberto Burle Marx, 1957
an open area with paintings on the wall and flooring in it, surrounded by palm trees
Abstracción naturalizada, naturaleza abstraída
Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas
a pond surrounded by trees with red and yellow leaves
30 lugares del mundo a los que hay que viajar antes de morir
Templo Daigoji (Japón)
people are sitting at tables on top of a mountain
Chamonix, France
an aerial view of new york city at night from the air, looking down on manhattan
New York Glows in Stunning High-Altitude Night Views
New York City from the air. Vicente Laforet aerials.