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a stone sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table
MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos
Constantine Brancusi: “El beso” - 10 (© Fahrenheit Magazine)
an abstract sculpture with wavy lines on it's body and back, against a dark background
escultura papel
escultura papel - Buscar con Google
a wooden chair that is shaped like an elephant's tail, with one foot on the ground
CHARLES & RAY EAMES / A HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND UNIQUE PLYWOOD SCULPTURE / 1943 / eight to twelve ply laminated woods, walnut-faced / Christie's
a glass display case with a red object in the middle on a black table top
Naum Gabo – Columna (1923)
Naum Gabo – Columna (1923) | Arte de Ximena. I almost like the model more, but this is also really pleasing to me
a black and white clock with a red object in it's glass display case
Naum GAbo, Column, 1923, plastic, wood, metal, Guggenheim
a machine that is pouring cement into a bucket
Anish Kapoor: Cement room
ANISH KAPOOR Concrete room
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a cement block in front of a white wall
Hobbies for College Students: Art, Sports, Cooking, and Other Ideas
Constantin Brancusi, The Chief, 1925