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an airplane is flying over the water near a large bridge with columns on it's sides
Aviation Photo #0475545: Airbus A319-111 - TAP Air Portugal
An overview of part of the runway, it's an amazing building structure over the sea. See how big it is, comparing with the Airbus A319 of TAP Air Portugal (CS-TTO). In the base of some concrete pole you can see some buses (it looks very small) and in background you can see the hill called "Pico do Facho". (photo with: 1600px) - Photo taken at Funchal / Madeira (- Santa Cruz / Santa Catarina) (FNC / LPMA) in Madeira, Portugal on December 18, 2003.
two people are standing in front of a building that has multicolored lights on it
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☆ Holographic Cube Building :¦: Originally made for the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, this installation covered two buildings in holographic panels that shifted color once lasers were reflected off it, creating a dazzling array of invisible light pyrotechnics.☆
a circular floor plan with several rooms in the center and four doors on each side
12 Wohnungen, Wettbewerb Siedlung Helen Keller, Zürich, Atelier Scheidegger Keller
a house sitting on top of a grass covered hill next to a body of water
416. Stanley Tigerman /// Hot Dog House /// Harvard, Illinois, USA /// 1972-74 OfHouses presents “Stanley Tigerman - 7 Houses from the 70′s, Part IV”. (Photos: © Williams and Meyer. Source: “Stanley...
the floor plan of an apartment building with four floors and three balconies on each level
Oswald Mathias Ungers – Mauenheimerstrasse
Oswald Mathias Ungers - MFH Mauenheimerstraße, Köln
an entrance to a building with wooden slats on the outside and brick walls around it
amsterdam - piraeus - hans kolhoff
an architectural drawing of a building with multiple levels and floors, including the top floor
The “Compact City” of Atlanpole, Nantes by Hans Kollhoff (1988)
same place and as a result there will be greater need for informal personal contact, a matter which the fact of living in a very compact place would easily allow. The living
an empty pool in front of a mountain with snow on the top and mountains reflected in it
the corner of a white building with a red window
room on the roof: collective housing in brioolstraat by CAAN architecten
room on the roof: collective housing in brioolstraat by CAAN architecten
a concrete structure with a wooden door and window on top of the building in front of snow covered mountains
Building Images: Imágenes de Fotografía de los Premios Arcaid | Sobre Arquitectura y más | Desde 1998
Sverre Fehn - Ivar Aasen Centre, Hovdebygda 2000. Photos (C) David Borland. SUBTILITAS
a large white ball sitting on top of a cement wall next to steps and stairs
a modern house with glass walls and stairs
CREATO ARQUITECTOS | Interior Design Architectural Design & Construction
modern home, contemporary architecture, minimal design, Creato Arquitectos.
a drawing of a circular object in the middle of a page with writing on it
Lebbeus Woods: The Architect Who Dared to Ask 'What If?'
He envisioned underground cities, floating buildings and an eternal space tomb for Albert Einstein worthy of the great physicist's expansive intellect. With such grand designs, perhaps it's not too surprising that the late Lebbeus Woods, one of the most influential conceptual architects ever to walk the earth, had only one of his wildly imaginative designs become a permanent structure.
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a room with glass walls on both sides
Gallery of Thong House / NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS - 2
Gallery of Thong House / NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS - 2
an empty room with light coming in from the ceiling and brick walls on either side
Gallery of The Aga Khan Award for Architecture Announces 2016 Shortlist - 61
Gallery of The Aga Khan Award for Architecture Announces 2016 Shortlist - 61