Fatima Fernandez Cano

Fatima Fernandez Cano

Fatima Fernandez Cano
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The foot of your bed is an important part that cannot be ignored of your bedroom. Firstly, as a component of the bed, if it is not well decorated, it will make the appearance of the whole bed almost reduced to nothing. In addition to the decorating purpose, the foot of the bed also has […]

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50 Rustic DIY Home Decor Projects

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Installing a subfloor in a camper van

Most caravan enthusiasts will see to it that the caravan receives a normal yearly service. Well, it's still possible to live the lifestyle if you know the best place to go.


Tone your abs, arms, and legs anywhere with this full body workout routine. A beach bodyweight circuit that will boost your metabolism, melt fat and get your body in shape, and ready for Summer!

Machen Sie sich bereit, die Verbrennung in Ihrem Bauchmuskeln mit diesem do-überall Strand Körper Routine zu fühlen. Die perfekte Taille schlank Training jeden Winkel Ihres schönen Kern Ziel und geben Sie eine starke und enge Körpermitte! http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/beach-body-waist-slimming-workout/

Get ready to feel the burn in your abs and obliques with this do-anywhere beach body routine. The perfect waist slimming workout to target every angle of your beautiful core and give you a strong and tight midsection!

Fijaos que buena idea y que sencilla de llevar a cabo: una rama donde colgar vuestras mejores fotografías. Un concepto de lo más simple, pero...

Using Driftwood for a Beachy Christmas or Limb for a Cozy Cabin feel & Removable Command Strips to Hang Temporarily Anywhere_Great Way to Display Christmas Cards or Christmas Bulbs Brightened by us(Diy Photo Display)