mayte fariasluna

mayte fariasluna

mayte fariasluna
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Gelatina de frutas!

Gelatina ai frutti di bosco portions) Prep time: 40 min + chilling Ingredients: 5 small fruit baskets 200 g. sugar lemon 2 dl sweet white wine 20 g. sheets of grenetine decoration: mint leaves

Balas de gelatinas

(Rough translation) 1 package flavored gelatin (of your choice) 1 pkg unflavored gelatin, 200 ML boiling water. Dissolve all gelatin in boiling water, pour into molds or into pan (can cut into shapes or squares when firm), refrigerate until firm.

Gelatina de chocolate

Abuelita& Favorite Gelatin is truly simple and has delicious chocolate flavors. Use individual molds or a large capacity mold. Garnish with whipped cream and add an optional sprig of mint to add additional color to the plate.