Infográfico ¿Cuánto rinde tu pastel?

Betty Crocker Recetas e Ideas - Latin America

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Betty Crocker Recetas e Ideas - Latin America

Pastel de bodas con individuales, Promocion de Pasteleria Martinez sobre Mesas Dulces y Cosas Ricas en Buenos Aires - Casamientos Online

Topper to cut and minis to serve. this idea is mindblowing :-) What about vintage decorated mini-cakes instead of cupcakes? As long as there's enough for everyone. Put cupcakes on table around cake & mini-cakes? Yep loving that idea!

mini chocolate tiramisu....

Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe ~ Says: If you like regular tiramisu love chocolate tiramisu! This twist on the familiar Italian favorite calls for hot chocolate instead of espresso and adds several layers of chocolate ganache for a deep rich chocolate taste.

Strawberry and Pistachio Tapioca Pudding

Delightfully squishy, sweet, fantastic Strawberry and Pistachio Tapioca Pudding, Dessert Dessert

These are for Valentine's Day, but I think they would work great for a kid's party, too.

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#TuFiestaTip -Los postres individuales servidos en vaso sirven para economizar ya que los invitados sólo toman uno.

Beautiful presentation of petite desserts in shot glasses. Round shot glasses at Wedding reception dessert table. black cherry jello with cool whip, layered chocolate pudding with chocolate,

Mini raspberry bundt cakes with cream cheese glaze - bjl

Mini raspberry bundt cakes with cream cheese glaze -these super soft soft and full of the most delicious flavors!