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Reimar Herbst Architekten

Reimar Herbst Architekten


The University of Cambridge has commenced a masterplan, expanding the campus to north west Cambridge.

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AleaOlea . iglesia de Santa María . Vilanova de la Barca (5)

Completed in 2016 in Vilanova de la Barca, Spain. Images by Adrià Goula . The Old Church of Vilanova de la Barca The Old Church of Vilanova de la Barca (Lleida, Spain) is a Gothic building that was partially.

The Ancient Church of Vilanova de la Barca (Lleida, Spain) is a century Gothic building that was partially demolished in 1936 as a result of the bombings during the Spanish Civil War. Since then, the church had been in a general state of ruin,.

Viviendas en Lisboa / ARX PORTUGAL Arquitectos (Lisboa, Portugal) #architecture

Built by ARX PORTUGAL Arquitectos in Lisbon, Portugal with date Images by FG + SG. The concept for this house emerges from a reflection on the identity of Lisbon architecture, a recurring type of

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South Mumbai, India como uma brincadeira de cubos

India Tower is a modern building mixed-used luxury residential development in Mumbai, India. This was a crazy building to see, and it's so tall you can see it from a lot of places in the city.