Yeah don't mess with them. They all know what you did on 5.09.2005 at 17:35 ☺

So, this is half true. But a lot of the time, I won't remember what I did a few days ago. I remember things about others, I just never seem to remember the important stuff about my schedule.

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I absolutely hate crying in front of people firstly I look like an emotional wreck and secondly it makes me look weak. So if I am willing to cry and not try to stop crying I front of you consider yourself lucky.

Haha when I care I totally do this but I'm not as sneaky as the other signs and probably just come off as a creeper

Sagittarius Eyes: eyes full of passion. It's hard to keep eye contact with them because they're always curious about what's going on.

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A Sagittarius is that one person you can always act like a fool with and take a long drive to nowhere with to escape every day life.