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The Yoshino cherry is a deciduous flowering tree so impressive that many rank it among the best of the spring flowering trees.

10 Perfect Trees for your Curb

10 Perfect Trees for Your Curb

Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree In the fall it turns various shades of orange and yellow, but not especially showy then. Otherwise, spring is it's best season.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

The Yoshino Cherry Tree

Yoshino Cherry Tree

The yoshino cherry is a well known blooming cherry tree. Its beautiful, white flowers fill the branches each spring.

How to Care for a Yoshino Cherry Tree | eHow

How to Care for a Yoshino Cherry Tree

Shidare Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree Prunus Established Rooted 2.5

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This Yoshino Cherry Tree (also known as Japanese Flowering Cherry) is the perfect centerpiece for this yard. Definitely one that will turn heads of passerby!

If you are a fan of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., you’ll want to plant your very own Japanese Cheery Blossom Tree. There are some tricks to caring for this and keeping it free from disease so read this post first! ahh, the beautiful flowering Yoshino Cherry tree.

How to plant and care for the beautiful flowering Yoshino Japanese cherry blossom tree. Have a Cherry Blossom festival right in your own backyard!