Detail of crown moulding added beneath a custom-cut window sill. Love this beautiful look! via

How to Install Your Own Window Trim

little paths so startled #garden_window_decor

I’m loving the newest addition to our indoor gardens: windowsill succulents. On an innocent trip to Lowe’s to look at self-watering pots, we were distracted by a cute little potted arr… - Succulent Gardening

Wondering what to do with window sill? this is the design that works, save money from buying a table

Stephanie & Bob's SilverRidge Sanctuary

House Tour: Stephanie & Bob's SilverRidge Sanctuary - long counter in the kitchen doubles as prep, serving and work spaces (not sure about using glass as liquids can seep underneath it) -- dig that view too!

Grow mini trees on your window sill

little sapling houseplants

Hmm...great for privacy on a window ...fold down for a nice space to eat or surf the web... or write :)

This is a cool idea to use as inspiration as a study space if you've got a great view: Window Bar - Hillbilly Tea