Yo se sentarse en nalgas y observo el telvision. White collar is a Tv show that goes from 6:00pm - 7:00 pm

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You can also view it here: HD Wallpaper and background photos of White Collar Poster for fans of White Collar images.

Neal and Mozzie. White Collar Quotes

Problems make plots, Mozzie. Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey and Willie Garson as his partner-in-crime, Mozzie, in White Collar.

White Collar Finale// I cried so much at this episode I still do when I rematch them

White Collar Finale// An absolutely incredible finish to a completely fantastic show. I was a complete mess by the end, but my goodness it was good.

As upset as canadians can be..    @Jana Bowling   How I felt watching my TV show this evening.

As upset as canadians can be..

As upset as canadians can be. Bowling Ok I know there no fedora but this is one of my favorite quotes from season 1

Shark mauling! Neal and Peter. White Collar Quotes.

"Vested Interest" goes from shark mauling to getting shot 😂😂 what's your favorite comedy on TV?