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Wasps create these nests by chewing bark, mixing it with saliva and excreting the resulting paste.

Isabelle LeClercq from Marcq-en-Baroeul, France - Cocon 2011 Stoneware with oxides and engobes ...

✨ Isabelle LeClercq Marcq-en-Baroeul, France - Cocon, 2011 ::: Glaze: Liner glaze fired to 1260 degrees Celsius, Clay Body: Stoneware with oxides and engobes Dimensions: Width inches

Beauty's where you find it - Wasp Nest mounted on vintage paper covered box with vintage findings

Wasps' nest mounted on a vintage-paper covered box with vintage findings.

Wasp Nest, Three Figures | Adrian Arleo

Adrian Arleo is a ceramic sculptor living outside Missoula, Montana. For nearly thirty years, Arleo has focused her work on the human figure, often com.

Beige | Ecru | Cream | Taupe | ベージュ | бежевый | Bēju | Colour | Texture |  organ pipe wasp nest

New organ pipe mud dauber wasp nest showing different muds gathered at different places. Pollinator at the English language Wikipedia


Book paper nest by Holly Senn. She also makes abstract sculptures out of discarded book paper.