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10 Tips for Creating a Collected Gallery Wall

hanging groupings of pictures; I love the way he talks about visual weight and natural lines (my eye sees things this way, but I've never been able to describe it)

Hanging up artwork, pictures, framed photographs, and mirrors can be easy, once you know a few decorating basics. Do you see the similarity of the silhouett.

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living artfully doesn’t just mean hanging stuff on your walls, it’s much more than that. it’s self-expression and curating objects that really mean something significant to you — collecting

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7 Creative ideas to improve your interior design

Plan the Perfect Art Arrangement: Five Lessons in Hanging Artwork Whip a blank wall into shape with an artful arrangement of prints, paintings, plates, or photographs.

Plan the Perfect Art Arrangement

for handing frames. cut scrap paper to size of frame and mark where the nail goes. use painter's tape to move the frames around the wall until satisfied. hammer the nail in, then hang the frame.

Top Ten Decor Inspiration: Apartment Decor – Simply Taralynn

Love the picture arrangement. been thinking about doing a traditional style rug in the bedroom with the modern grey and white stripe.

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25 Photo Wall Creations that will make your house a hit!

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Unique Ways Of Displaying Photographs In Your Home

> > > Unique Ways Of Displaying Photographs In Your Home - Frames Galore – Family photos gallery wall ideas (Third To Last Photo Decor) - Here is an assortment of picture frames that you can use for your own collection.

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Here is an example of what a the same framed print can look like with different matting and framing styles. Prices are for the stated sizes of frames with print mounted and sealed with hanging hardware.

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not sure if i have posted this before or not, but picture frame arrangement ideas. I like "puzzled" and "confidence booster"

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Love seeing where my handmade hard work ends up and if I do say so myself this Gallery Wall takes the cake . use maps/globes in our home decor wood Michigan map l (Scrabble tiles wood map chevron arrows heart sign) & I love the hanger!