And he titled it "sorry duck, this is the only way I could protect you" #Hyuggie #VIXX (original comment)

VIXX member Hyuk has shown both his considerate side and his goofy sense of humor by trying to protect the feelings of a stuffed duck! On December Hyuk

N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , Hong Bin and Hyuk ♡ #VIXX // Plan V Diary Moments // Hide and Seek

Ken, Hongbin, Leo, Hyuk, Ravi & N ♡ // VIXX Plan V Diary Moments // Hide and Seek haha so fun :D I just love these adorable idiots!

Vixx hongbin

Vixx hongbin

VIXX - @ Star1 Magazine May Issue ‘15

In the May 2015 issue of the members of boy band VIXX share why, four years into their debut, their dating scandal track record remains sq

VIXX - Ravi & Leo

my mom tells me my jeans are ripped; i should show her leo