Northern Star winter coat vintage 1960s fox fur by DearGolden

Northern Star winter coat vintage fox fur by DearGolden.I know it's vintage, but would like it to not be real fur

Outfit: Our Vintage Shopping Tradition

Outfit: Our Vintage Shopping Tradition (A Clothes Horse)

Lolland wool coat / vintage 40s wool princess coat / by DearGolden, $475.00

Vintage Lolland pewter gray wool (very soft) princess coat with sheared beaver collar, cuffed sleeves, graceful fitted waist & very full skirt. Lined in blushy pink silk satin.

Outfit // Edwardian Serendipity, vintage style, 1910s style, modest vintage fashion, modest winter fashion, feminine, edwardian, Miss L Fire Millicent Boots

Outfit // Edwardian Serendipity

Chronically Vintage: Fabulous 1940s Fall Fashion Inspiration brown skirt sweater knit winter fall colors hat shoes gloves sporty sportswear day casual early 50s

ruffles were forbidden fashion was restricted. paint less, high wasted pants. khaki or muted maken miniumum

A retro/vintage outfit with high quality boots, sturdy denim, oh my god, that jacket is incredible! 2017 A/W.

coffee stained cashmere coffee stained cashmere a life simply lived, though ever so slightly, elegantly unkempt.