Viking shield maiden costume inspiration at Kyiv Comic Con 2015

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Homemade Viking Costume - by Emily Murphy, Pottery Blog

Homemade Viking Costume - fake fur wrapped with leather cording around legs. Tan shirt, brown pants and a fun cape with fake fur.

Viking, Haithabu. Version of costume. Nice enterpretation. Dont know about the hood though.

A simple kit done well is superior in every way to an elaborate kit done badly. Each part of this kit is based on documentary and archaeological evidence.

DIY Halloween: Easy and Affordable Viking Costume Under $25 : Decorating : Home & Garden Television

DIY Halloween: Easy and Affordable Viking Costume Under $25

Viking and the Maiden Costumes - Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks

Viking and the Maiden - Halloween Costume Contest at

Main Barbarian                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Another easy one that could probably take color pretty well. Keep the dark brow, make the bit around the eye colored and then add glitter in between the wings.

Fur leggings, boot covers, medieval, viking, barbarian costume.  Made and sold by folkofthewood on etsy

Viking Fur Leggings / Boot Covers, Leg Warmers, Pair - Medieval, Renaissance Fair Costume Accessory - Faux Fur Choose Your Color

Women haristyle

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Battle skirt, war skirt, viking warrior leather & linen made by folkofthewood on etsy

Linen Wrap Skirt, Tribal Fantasy Renaissance Style - Women's Adjustable Fit, Choose Your Size