US outpaces Europe for wearables  NEW YORK: US consumer adoption of smartwatches and fitness wearables stands at almost double the rate found in Western Europe’s four largest economies, a new report has revealed.  According to research firm Kantar Worldpa

LONDON: Global marketing activity grew in June, although there are signs that growth in marketing budgets is slowing, according to the latest Global Marketing Index (GMI).

Of all the products at CES 2013, Samsung's dual-view OLED TV has the largest cool-to-perplexing ratio.

Eyes-On With Samsung's Totally Crazy Dual-View TV

We split screens into multiple TV channels, different views in video games, a TV/Internet combo and soon, a full-screen of more than one show at once.

There are few things in this world I love more than maps. Even pretend maps. Especially pretend maps.

Awesome Game Of Thrones Map

Game of Thrones,maps maps game of thrones a song of ice and fire tv series westeros wallpaper – TV Series Wallpaper – Desktop Wallpaper

The Mentalist: à quand une petite tasse de thé avec patrick??

Patrick Jane, the Mentalist, drinking his tea from a Fiesta Tea Cup. He's not only good looking, but he has good taste in tableware.

[Série Tv] Outlander : promenons-nous en Ecosse ! -

[Série Tv] Outlander : promenons-nous en Ecosse !

Samsung taps power of true insights'

Test Apps - Mobile accounted for of new online ad money in 2016 - Getting Paid To Test Apps With AppCoiner Is As Simple As

Rénovation des bureaux de Green 26 par Anonym

Rénovation des bureaux de Green 26 par Anonym

Completed in 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Images by Chaovarith Poonphol. Thai TV production office ‘Green received a full renovation by architect Anonym. Located in a town-home (Bangkok) Anonym created contrasting.