people will come and leave - Buscar con Google

We have this bond that even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other, it will always be unfinished business between us!

This is us, our souls on fire for each other but us together never working out. One day we'll run into each other both happily moved on, we'll and say hi and remember the good times then move on, know we were never ment to be anything more then a memory

I'm not fond of most of this piece but the end "our souls always were absolutely madly in love.

être obsédé par une relation qui aurait du être tellement différérente, immortelle et plein d'amour...

that's one helluva truth bomb right there. The fact that you're reading this shows how important I still am ;

hmmmm, so stop pretending you don't still love me, miss me, and  don't ever think about the intimate and passionate moments we once shared.~Em♥

There was always something between us and faith tells me there still is. We can't be just friends, we have too much history for that. You were once my best friend and i always hoped of marrying him but i guess i was wrong.