Total Drama Island

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Duncney Family | Total Drama Island / TDI | - Duncan x Courtney | The Delinquent & The Type A | cute cartoon couple | OTP

Gosh this is better than waffles.Courtney and Duncan going Mr and Ms Smith with racoons and muffins

some expressions... by Kikaigaku on DeviantArt

this is just a (relatively old) picture that I drew some weeks was an experiment about some facial expressions in this new style inspired by the Disney style 

Total Drama Fantasy by kikaigaku on deviantART

Heather,Gwen,Courtney & I don't know her name Total Drama Fantasy by kikaigaku on deviantART

| Chef Hatchet - Total Drama Island Photo (9366278) -

All My Chef Pics.Wallpaper and background photos of Chef Hatchet for fans of Total Drama Island images.