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A fashion look from October 2015 featuring Rachel Zoe dresses, Vintage earrings and Stephanie Kantis bracelets.

Figure 2.12 Suggested ways of draping some items of Egyptian wrapped costume: (a) The wraparound garment for men or women; (b) and (c) two alternatives  for creating a woman's draped gown.Tortora, P. G. & Eubank, K. (2010). Survey of Historic Costume, 5th Ed. Fairchild Publications

Egyptian wrapped costume: (a) The wraparound garment for men or women, P. & Eubank, K. Survey of Historic Costume

How to tie a chiton (toga) for the ladies!  Hitting up the fabric store for this one.

firelily: “ Carl Heinrich Stratz - How to put on a Doric chiton Now you know how to dress like an ancient Greek lady ;

How to tie a toga

Read in this article the stylish ways to tie a beach sarong step by step. which cover: How to tie a beach sarong. how to wear a beach sarong Different ways to

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Doing a Greek day at school so its nice to know the different toga styles, since wearing on for this said day is mandatory.

How To Tie A Toga Tutorial                              …

Here's a short video on how to tie a toga! My mic wasn't working so there is no voiceover, but the steps are in the video. Thumbs up if you liked it :) Coupo.


Tips to Make a Toga: A Step by Step Guide

The virgin goddess Artemis is often associated as the protector of the hunt, children and animals. Description from I searched for this on


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