Thor is no longer arrogant; he's been humbled.  He's grown much since his last movie.  The Thunderer doesn't appear foolhardy in this picture.  Calm, confident, and prepared; but no longer looking for a fight.

Who Is Your Favorite Superhero?

this Thor costume was used in all the films involving Thor including the avengers film which was released in Thor costume is being worn by an actor(Chris Hemsworth)

Thor: The Dark World. Possibly the most epic Marvel movie yet.

Chris Hemsworth as Leif Erikson, would also be really funny since he plays Thor, and before Leif becomes a Christian he worships Thor.



"Here’s a few photos from the set of #Thor in #Brisbane today. Trying to keep it #Loki"

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In Thor:Ragnarok I’m waiting for the scene where Loki mocking Thor for his lack of a sense of style.

Thor: Ragnarok Exclusive First Look Photos.....I'm getting nervous....his hairs gone

'Thor: Ragnarok' Exclusive First Look Photos

With anticipation over Thor:Ragnarrok and Avengers: Infinity War reaching fever pitch, Chris Hemsworth turned out to a special Disney fan club screening of Infinity War footage

kevin wada illustration: Thor HeroesCon 2015 commission<<<I like really love this. Imagine finding this in your kitchen... I think I'd melt!

kevin wada illustration: Thor HeroesCon 2015 commission<<<I like really love this. Imagine finding this in your kitchen. I think I'd melt!

Thor, Odin

Thor, Odin

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Armor needs to be incorporated into fashion more often<<We need a petition to the fashion industry because I'll gladly sign

Thor in the arena

Thor in the arena

Widersprich ihm nicht!

try the comment

I bet Thor would let little girls do his hair and return to his friends sporting a hot mess of cute scrunchies and bows all over

Well, DUH. everyone knows "ANOTHER!" is Thor for: "Pardon me dear madam, this drink is simply smashing I hope it would not inconvenience you if I should go so far as to order a second?"   *snort* smashing. Get it? Oh I'm so funny sometimes. <-- this previous comment. Haha!

Just Thor being Thor

Thor being Thor. NOT avengers BUT pinned there cause why not? Thor is an avenger. Like not the movie the avengers but the thor movie. I dont have a thor board but i have an avengers board so why not. I mean different movies same characters.