Theo Rossi looking really handsomely HOT! ks

Theo Rossi aka Shades on Luke Cage. (yeah I know he was Juice on SOA, but Shades is where I know him from.

Theo Rossi Butt | ... , played by super hot-bunned actor Theo Rossi, doing naked pushups

The Most Important GIF From Last Night’s “Sons Of Anarchy” Premiere

The body of Theo Rossi. This is one of many reasons Juice is my Favorite Character from Sons of Anarchy.

Theo Rossi, well known for his portrayal of Juan Carlo Juice Ortiz in in the hit motorcycle drama, Sons of Anarchy, has said it himself. He did not have nearly enough shirtless screen time in the show.

Theo Rossi from SOA. So Damn cute!

i could seriously marry Theo Rossi . one more week till Juice and Jax come back into my life :)

Theo Rossi| Hollywood Reporter: Emmys 'Supporting Actors' categories. Theo looks Outstandingly Gorgeous in this picture!!!!

Congrats to Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi on his recognition in the Hollywood Reporter! Emmys: 28 Supporting Actor Contenders Gather for THR’s Star-Studded Photo Theo Rossi: Sons of.

Theo Rossi Funny | Theo looks so cute holding that dog!

Theo is a man after my heart "Meet my new friend Starz from This Staten Island girl needs a home. Please help me find her one ‪

Pin for Later: 17 Reasons You Should Definitely Binge-Watch Sons of Anarchy And did we mention the eye candy?

And did we mention the eye candy?

I remember telling my friend specifically how adorable Juice is in this scene. I mean he's always adorable, but that grin melts my heart.