6 Things to Know Before Your First Color Run

Do you enjoy running? Even if you are not a fan I might have just found the way to convince you with this awesome Colour Me Rad race.

UL Rec Sport's color run is tomorrow! Register at Bourgeois Hall at 6pm to participate - first 250 people to register get a free white shirt to run in

KEEP CALM AND GO TO THE COLOR RUN - The Color Run was founded in March 2011 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest on the Planet”. It is the original paint race.

Bright colors make me happy! The Color Run Seattle.

The Seattle Color Run. I walked in the Seattle Color Run. So much color and fun people!

how to keep your color run shirt stained or how to keep the color on your color run shirt

I wanted to keep my color run shirt stained with color. Well, why not? It just adds that .

color run!diet-andexercise: my friend brought to my attention there is a color run by me in July. I think I’m gunna try to do it !

10 Reasons You Should Do The Color Run

Organizing runs is good for promoting a healthy lifestyle because people go because is very fun!

The Color Run it& all about fun and happy. but at some point you& got to get clean! My friends and I were completely cove.

The Ultimate Guide to the Color Run

The Ultimate Guide to the Color Run Running in a Skirt Everything you want or need to know about running the Color Run. From outfits, hair protection, what to expect at the color stations and clean up this covers it all!

Denver Color Run tickets are already sold out. THE COLOR RUN™ - Be a Color Runner™

6 Things to Know Before Your First Color Run