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Massage Tips For A Relaxing Session. There are so many different types of massages. There is aromatherapy, Swedish, shiatsu and hot stone.

I truly love thai massage! It's also affordable for most people to routinely do... well worth it!

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Full Body Thai Massage Tutoral with Robert | Pain Relief, Massage Techniques, How To  Learn Thai Massage techniques for low back pain, leg and foot pain. This video has relaxing music and a soft male voice that can help you fall asleep and may have Soft Spoken ASMR effects.  Robert Gardner is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Austin Texas. He teaches Thai Massage and is available for massage therapy sessions.

How to Massage Neck & Scalp for Upper Back Pain & Headaches, Relaxing Tutorial, HD Therapy Technique

Level Two Thai Massage Positions during my course in Thailand

Nutso Level Two Thai Massage Positions

very relaxing: thai massage

All About Massage: Tips And Ideas. A massage is an incredible art that can help people relax and even benefit their health.

Ways Thai Massage Can Provide Stress Relief (Benefits, Effects and Tips) #ThaiMassage

Can Thai Massage Provide Stress Relief? (Benefits, Effects & Tips)

The Power of Thai mMThai Yoga Massage is a stress-reducing activity that is known for raising a receiver’s mood, energizing the body and improving flexibility.

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Yoga Tutorial: Thai Massage for Couples & Friends

Post-Massage Feeling!  :)

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Thai massage - most detoxing massage i have ever performed and experienced

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Scalene rolling - stretches neck, opens shoulders, improves breathing  (love this one)

Thai Yoga Massage With Alana Jackler of Yoga Kneads

Scalene rolling - stretches neck, opens shoulders, improves breathing (love this one) Use in Swe-Thai