“I would describe my practice as well planned spontaneity. I always     start with a considered palette and story allowing me to design freely     and play with mark making, texture and composition. ”  When faced with a design brief, I don’t look for the new; I look back, and  guide myself with the inspiration that I’m constantly collecting through  everyday life. A very visual person, I will snap until my camera roll is  overloaded with images of lines, patterns, colour, composition form...

Cassie Byrnes, Textile + Surface Designer

Kangan Arora for Unit D | LDF14

Unit D - Concept Shop and Restaurant 13 - 21 September 2014 During London Design Festival, artist Saskia Pomeroy

print & pattern: DESIGNER - laura olivia

DESIGNER - laura olivia

Laura Olivia latest work has been working as a surface pattern designer since 2010 with clients in fashion, stationery, beauty products a.

African textiles

Sterling Silver Ring with Blue Topaz The poetry of the carved walls of the legendary Alhambra Palace inspired the intricately endless Celtic knot motifs of this ring.

Samantha Russo sketchbook

Samantha Russo's Sketchbook Transformed into Pattern Catalog

I have a penchant for 100 days projects, and artist Samantha Russo has recently completed one that's full of color and pattern—all in her sketchbook.

vintage fish fabric | Textile Pattern Design Inspiration | Beautiful Prints and Patterns on Fabric | Printed Fabric                                                                                                                                                      More

fish with glamorous sequin scales too cool rayon Vintage fabrics have the greatest prints. The old rayon was fabulous, cool to the touch.

Beautiful African Textile Designs from African Fabric House print pattern

Beautiful African Textile Designs from African Fabric House

Ecoline textile series #pattern

Love the colours and slapdash childlike quality of it. This is listed as Sarah Edith's Ecoline textile series.

microscopic walnut

L’anatomie microscopique du bois

for pointing me to Microscopic Wood Anatomy , a web-based identification key for central European trees, from which th.