Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany)

Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany) (Tattoologist)

Ancla: puede significar el vínculo que nos une a quienes queremos, que nos sujeta a esas personas que apreciamos.

Cuál es el significado de los tatuajes de anclas

We have collected some of the cutest best friend tattoos for you to sift through, choose, and getting inked on your and your friend's body.

Los tatuajes de anclas son utilizados desde hace mucho tiempo por hombres y mujeres, generalmente por marineros. El ancla era un símbolo que se utilizaba en la iglesia cristiana primitiva y gracias a ello los tatuajes de anclas tienen un significado de esperanza, firmeza, estabilidad y tranquilidad.

Different anchors. I am jumping on the anchor bandwagon. I do like the idea of a subtle anchor. Kind of "anchor of my soul" idea.

Anchor and Chain Tattoo - I like this with a heart on the chain

15 Anchor Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss

Elegant anchor tattoo drawn with a chain. A very neat looking anchor tattoo with a simple chain dangling over it with a fan like structure at the end.

Cuál es el significado de los tatuajes de anclas. Las anclas han sido, durante cientos de años, una imagen muy usada en los tatuajes, especialmente entre marineros, lo que las ha convertido en una de los clásicos emblemas al momento de hablar de grab...

Cuál es el significado de los tatuajes de anclas

Matching anchor tattoos are a super cute way for a couple to show their devotion to one another, and some married couples even choose to get anchor tattoos

Cross-Tattoos-41. My faith is my anchor.                                                                                                                                                                                 More


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30+ Matching Tattoos For Couples Who Are in It to Win It

Couples' tattoos can be pretty hit or miss. We've seen corresponding full-body tattoos that form torso-sized hearts and questionable ink with indiscernible meanings. Here is some adorable body art that proves love is literally forever. We hope!

Tatuaje de / Tattoo by: ivanpelines | #tatuajes #tattoos #ink - in the right spot by the right artist, this could be good...

Tatuaje de Besos

Tatuaje de / Tattoo by: ivanpelines I've wanted this tattoo since I was 17 .

diseño de tatuaje de colibri para el tobillo

Top 10: tatuajes en el tobillo

125 Stunning Anchor Tattoos (With Rich Meaning)

125 Stunning Anchor Tattoos (With Rich Meaning)

Learn more about  Semicolon coronary heart, in the event you don't know what the semicolon stands for you must ...

Semicolon heart, it means that where the author could have ended the story they didn't, and kept going. You are the author and this is your story.