Wish my kindergarten teacher had this, would have saved me from being teased so much since I thought telling on someone even if they were picking on me was tattling, which would mean I'd have to wear a raccoon tail clipped to my pants the rest of the day if I tattled.

This Tattling vs. Reporting Poster would not be a bad thing to have in your classroom, so situations like this happen to your students they'll have an idea of how to handle it before coming to you.

This activity is a sorting activity. Students look at the picture or photograph put it on the correct side of the mat. This is great for literacy centers or a follow-up activity after a whole group activity.

Tattling vs. Reporting

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Reporting vs Tattling poster freebie from Hooty's Homeroom blog

This would be beneficial in my current classroom. Tattling is a big theme this year.

Tattling vs. Reporting, GREAT way to explain it

Tattling vs. Reporting

Reporting My Aspie has a very black and white perspective on right and wrong. My job is to help him see the grey areas. Not an easy task.

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack Looks like an excellent social skills lesson! This is a link to purchase this handout.