Tall Ships was basically a viewer's guide to help them identify the various classes and types of tall ships.

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Tall Ships, an infographic guide designed with the ships visiting Boston Harbor in the summer of 2010 in mind.

Tall Ship HMS Bounty - built for the movie, "Mutiny on The Bounty" - lost in Super Storm Sandy

HMS Bounty- no longer with us. 2013 in hurricane Sandy. The fifty year old ship was made in 1962 for the movie Mutiny on the Bounty, later used in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tall  Sailing Ships

The Italian Sailing Training ship : Amerigo Vespucci . Built in 1930 , the boat is based at Gênes

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A beautiful photo of a boat sailing under a full moon. A night sailing on the water under a full moon has to be a pleasure.

Miles of line that make up the standing rigging of a tall ship.

Tall Ship Rigging - Vintage and antique nautical finds at Ruby Lane…

Tristan wordt op een dag ontvoerd door de Noren. Zij ontvoeren hem en nemen hem mee op hun schip, omdat ze zagen dat Tristan sterk en edel is. Maar uiteindelijk is Tristan vrijgelaten.

This pin shows a ship similar to the Sparrow, which Gulliver rode until it was shipwrecked and he began his first adventure.

salt air⊰⛵     “Life on the blue part of the globe for eight years had suited me - the wild open spaces, the bliss of buoyancy, the volatile, soul-powered wind. Sailing had struck a nerve both primal and poetic. On and near the ocean life made sense, It made every sense work.” ― Kaci Cronkhite       ~ Величие морской стихии.

Marek Ruzyk is a Polish painter who specializes in marine art. His seascape paintings, done in oil, are reminiscent of classic century artworks.