Idk if I've pinned this already, but this show has some of the most awesome fan art!!

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Sword Art Online, Kirito + Asuna, official art

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Sword Art Online, Kirito + Asuna, official art // I've just started watching this! Its my first anime and so far I'm loving it!

heart‏ @HeartKing224  2月26日  その他   #Twitter上にいるSAO好き全員と繋がるのが密かな夢だったりするのでとりあえずこれを見たSAO好きはRTもしくはフォローしてくれたら全力でフォローしに行きます  シノン

Read Part 2 from the story [ SAO ] Xả ảnh Sword Art Online by (Eri-chan) with 109 reads.

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Hello im Kirigaya Kazuto also known as Kirito im an excellent swords man and great friend but could gut if made mad so dont piss me off

"Si logramos volver al mundo real, te encontraré otra vez. Y me enamoraré de ti otra vez."  Asuna a Kirito

The most awesome images on the Internet

Sword Art Online, Asuna Kirito, official art Find More Beautiful Wedding Dress…

Oh my fucking universe!! Give me the black one and you will be a duo fighter with me! " Okay Mabel!" *stands for a while and finds out what just happened. " Oh my god!" "what's it Mabel?" " You just gave me your sword!" "Yeah what is wrong with that?" "nothing but Kirito?" "yeah?" "LET ME LOVE YOU TILL YOU DIE!"

Fantasy Art Armor Anime Boy With Swords Kirigaya Kazuto Wallpaper - Sword Art Online (SAO)

Sword Art Online v1-2 iPhone 1&2 wallpaper                                                                                                                                                     More

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Briar and her family. Her mother is Willow, her father is Josepher.

Sword Art Online II Episode 4: Gary Stu just wasn’t cutting it.