Mosaic Masterpieces Tour 2013 Part 1: Venice, Clauiano, Udine, Spilimbergo

Mosaic Art NOW: Mosaic Masterpieces Tour 2013 Part Venice, Clauiano, Udine, Spilimbergo

(Second time you've seen this, I know And this pin is random... Not a RP! Rest in comments! Tell me how you like it! Enjoy! Feel free to make a RP reacting to this!!) Guys! Shut up!” Rebecca hisses. She hits the Dre on the shoulder because 1) he was the closest and 2) he was being the loudest. “Daddy!” he exclaims and Rebecca winces. “Dre broke the thing.” Sun says bluntly “Because he’s a dumbass.”

I like this image because its simple, just a simple sparkler from bonfire night. Simple yet beautiful this image has also been created using fast shutter speed to freeze the sparks and create motion blur.

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"I keep hearing all these stupid things that I said with my stupid mouth.

"I felt nothing, the void in my heart seemed to stay.  So I'll fill it with with glitter until I feel again."

Bryan Adam Castillo is a self taught photographer based in Tucson,Arizona.


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